Once again, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has successfully come home from the annual Team Basement Systems Convention with 3 more awards than last year. Bringing home 7 awards is a major accomplishment for AquaGuard Foundation Solutions and we cannot be more thrilled about our personal growth which helped us accomplish these great honors.

Dealers from across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom came together again this year in Hartford and Seymour, Connecticut, not only to be recognized for their successes, but also to take part in three days of training, seminars, networking, vendor and team building events.

Out of 350 Dealers within the Basement Systems Network, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions received 7 awards, spanning across multiple categories of work we perform. This year, we were honored to be awarded:

2nd in Basement Systems Dealers for Total Sales

7th for Basement Systems Dealer- Market Saturation

4th in CleanSpace Dealers by Total Rolls Purchased

18th in Foundation Supportworks Dealer by Total Sales

4th for Foundation Supportworks Dealer- SmartJacks

10th for Foundation Supportworks Dealer- CarbonArmor Systems

10th for Foundation Supportworks Dealer- PolyLevel

An impressive note that should be mentioned: AquaGuard Foundation Solutions received 10th for PolyLevel, an outstanding product that levels concrete that we have only been installing since March of this year.

At this year's convention, Alison Levine spoke to all of the attendees about her inspirational and eventful endeavors. Levine is not only an entrepreneur herself, earning her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Duke University, but has established great fame as an American mountain climber, sportswoman, and explorer. At age 44, she reached the summit of Mr. Everest (2010) and today serves as an instructor at the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. Her words were inspiring and relatable to all.

"AquaGuard Foundation Solutions looks forward to attending this special event again next fall with high hopes of achieving even more awards than this year. "We feel beyond blessed by our performance this year at the convention. It is incredible how we ranked among such great companies and our friends! We are looking forward to another incredible year. We know that we will only become better as time goes on and are looking forward to being in the top of all categories next year!" –Kate Swarthout, Marking Director

About AquaGuard Foundation Solutions

In business for nearly 20 years, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is a locally owned and operated company out of Marietta , Georgia. Specializing in both residential and commercial repairs, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is a full-service contractor providing solutions for wet basements and crawl space, as well as foundation settlement. Known for their award-winning products and services, along with a team of +50 well-trained employees, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions sets out everyday to make sure that every Georgia homeowner has a dry and healthy basement environment!

About Basement Systems, Inc.

Basement Systems, Inc. is the leader in the development of products used to provide a dry, below-grade space. These waterproofing solutions are delivered through a network of trained, experienced dealers. Basement Systems is a network of more than 300 dealers throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Each dealer receives comprehensive, on-going training at company headquarters in Seymour, Connecticut. All Basement Systems dealers have the same goal: to provide a permanent solution for healthier basement environments. About Foundation Supportworks, Inc. Foundation Supportworks is an international network of independently-owned and operated foundation repair dealerships across North America. Each dealer is authorized, trained and certified at one of two Foundation Supportworks headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska and Seymour, Connecticut. Foundation Supportworks maintains a staff of both geotechnical and structural engineers to assist in product design, dealer support, and quality assurance of all their state-of-the-art structural repair products.

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