Block Wall and CleanSpace Installed in Roswell GA

A block wall and block wall footer was installed to help protect the space from any major flow of water from entering the home. The wall will also work to deter any dirt from the crawlspace from settling further into the basement space of this home.

Basement Wall Products: BrightWall offers a clean look in Marietta

During this waterproofing job, many AquaGuard products were installed. One of the most important for this basement was the installation of BrightWall. BrightWall adds to your basement, not only because it insulates your walls from water and humidity, but it also leaves your basement with a clean and polished look. This home had crevices and gaps along its basement walls, but BrightWall took care of all of them.

Basement Protected from Water Coming from Douglasville Home’s Crawl Space

Water was coming in from the crawlspace of this home to the basement portion. AquaGuard was able to equip the homeowner with multiple installations to ensure that the water would no longer cause problems for his home or his health.

Basement Crack Injection in Riverdale GA

This home in Riverdale had a massive crack in its basement wall that would leak when it rains. The homeowner was growing tired of having to worry about his belongings getting damaged by the water, so he had AquaGuard come out and fix his crack. Now his basement is dry and does not have to worry about his basement getting drenched any longer.

Atlanta Waterproofing with BrightWall and Drainage Systems

Before AquaGuard, this basement block wall was stained with water from a leak it had. Not only is this issue ugly, but it also causes problems for the home's air quality. AquaGuard fixed this problem by installing BrightWall wall panels and numerous indoor and exterior drainage systems.

Atlanta Crawlspace Transformed with CleanSpace

This crawlspace was transformed by installing CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to the floor, walls, and columns, along with a Sanidry dehumidifier and condensation pump. By making the space dry all the time, the space will not be a haven for mold and mildew anymore!

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