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Owner Tom DiGregorio Appears Monthly on Atlanta’s Morning Show

AquaGuard is the only waterproofing contractor licensed to install Basement Systems and Foundation SupportWorks patented products and systems in the North Georgia and Greater Atlanta area. These products are the latest in modern design and are superior in workmanship and effectiveness, backed by national, transferable warranties. AquaGuard prides itself on its well-trained employees who are supported by a knowledgeable office staff ready to answer all your questions. Their certified waterproofing & foundation repair specialists will perform an interior and exterior inspection of your home and then customize a plan that’s right for you. This inspection and corresponding quote is free of charge within our service area and requires no obligation.

vid-aquaguard-difference-rev1Tom DiGregorio talks about what makes AquaGuard Foundation Solutions different than other waterproofing companies. He discusses what makes them One Team, One Service, how it affects customers and what you can expect with AquaGuard.

video-fix-failing-foundationAquaGuard Foundation Solutions’ owner, Tom DiGregorio discusses some of the major foundation issues that stem from soil shifting after severe water buildup. With January being a season of significant rainfall, Tom explains how AquaGuard can fix settling foundation and even cracked and uneven concrete slabs after soil washout and severe water pressure has damaged these foundations. AquaGuard specializes in “all things foundation” Tom explains whether it be a cracked or bowing wall, an uneven, sloping driveway or sidewalk, or cracks around door frames and windows, they can help. Tom wants viewers at home to know, at AquaGuard, “We can fix it, and fix it for good.” Contact AquaGuard today for a permanent solution to your foundation issues.

aquaguard-springAquaGuard Foundation Solutions offers the most effective solutions for basement, crawl space, and foundation repair. Owner Tom DiGregorio speaks about the steps to waterproofing a basement in this video segment, which is even more important with the wild weather experienced as of late. AquaGuard recommends the installation of the WaterGuard® system, a highly effective and patented drainage channel that is set right into the concrete footing of your home’s foundation. This product comes with a nationally backed, life of the structure transferrable warranty, meaning the building is protected even through an ownership change.

aquaguard-vid-full-advantageAquaGuard Foundation Solutions owner Tom DiGregorio talks about how to take full advantage of your basement during the long cold days of winter. What homeowners forget is that there is space in the basement that they can use to there advantage, that when finished properly by AquaGuard Foundation Solutions with the right waterproofing products, allows your family to spread out and have some fun. Tom DiGregorio explains the steps AquaGuard Foundation Solutions takes to insure dry basement and to create that space in the basement.

atlandco-homeowners-resolutionsRain can be damaging to a home’s basement and/or crawl space if they are not properly sealed. Not only does encapsulating your crawl space keep it dry, but it can be used as a storage space, which adds value to your home.

atlandco-crawl-spaces-in-the-winterTom Digregorio explains the shift in building design from older-styled, vented crawl spaces to healthier, more efficient ones. Tom tells you how and why a crawl space upgrade can save you 20% to 25% on your heating and cooling bills.

video-foundation-issuesTom and Joe talk about the various foundation related issues that they are seeing from customers from the area. The dry conditions are still causing major foundation problems for homeowners.

video-foundationTom talks about how the Georgia dry weather conditions are wreaking havoc on home foundations, and how homeowners should pay close attention to cracks in their foundations and walls.

vid8Tom talks about the signs you should look for in your basement or crawlspace that show you may need foundation repair.

vid7Tom is joined by Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell as he explains what happens to your homes foundation after the big rains hit…and how to easily prevent possible damage.

vid6Tom, joined by Dale Cardwell, tells you why roof water management and crawlspace monitoring are the most important factors in keeping your home dry.

vid5There are specific foundation and crawlspace remodeling procedures that we should look for when buying or selling a house. Tom lets us know what they are.

vid4Tom shows you how, that by being proactive with your basement problems now, it is far better than reacting later.

vid3When addressing the problems in your foundation, crawlspace or basement, Tom tells you what smaller things to look for….before they become BIG things!

vid2Conditions that contribute to your homes foundation drama can run the range from “subtle” to “Oh My Gosh!” Tom tells you what to be familiar with.

vid1A crawlspace is the starting point for potential home and foundation damage and poor air quality throughout your house. Tom tells how AquaGuard can help you and your crawlspace.

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