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AquaGuard on TV and Radio

Dave Baker endorses AquaGuard as his Foundation Repair expert of choice!

Dave Baker is Atlanta’s household repair and home improvement expert, and host of the Saturday morning Home Fix-It Show. Dave has endorsed AquaGuard as his Foundation Repair expert of choice. Tom DiGregorio, owner of AquaGuard, is a regular guest on the show. Dave invites Tom to join him and answer calls from listeners about their specific home improvement projects.

Tom DiGregorio hosts a regular home improvement segment on TrustDALE TV, a consumer problem-solving format show. Tom’s segment is called ‘Tom’s Tips’.

Listen to some radio segments where he helped answer calls and address some specific listener concerns.


Listen to Tom DiGregorio talk about the extended drought conditions in the Greater Atlanta area and the effect on soils and foundation walls around your home.

He explains the effects of tough drought conditions and the possible ‘silent killer’ signs that can point to a larger foundation problem. Tom encourages listeners to have a professional inspector come out to determine if it’s something the homeowner should address.

On the Saturday’s Home Fix It Show with Dave Baker, Dave took a call from a listener asking about her basement and foundation issues. After talking through the best methods for waterproofing and repairing her basement wall cracks, Dave mentioned AquaGuard specifically as a company to turn to. It turns out the listener had already called AquaGuard Foundation Solutions and had great things to say about her experience with the company. In fact, the salesman Burt had identified the same issues and suggested exactly the same waterproofing and basement repairs Dave Baker told the caller to do!

On a recent airing of the Home Fix It Show with Dave Baker, Tom DiGregorio talked about expanding soils and the damaging effect on foundations.

Dave Baker and Tom also answered questions from homeowners. One caller asked about building a home close to a flood plain. Tom outlined some important considerations for this caller, including building on stable soil, installing superior interior and exterior waterproofing systems.

Another caller asked about a bowing and cracked wall in his basement. Tom proposed the easiest solution would be to use a Wall Anchoring system to prevent more inward movement. Over time, this solution can straighten and prevent any more bowing, all without having to excavate.

Lastly, Tom explained that home owners should consider encapsulating their crawl spaces, especially with the humid months fast approaching! Most vented crawl spaces experience conditions of 70-80-90+ % relative humidity. AquaGuard has been encapsulating crawl spaces for a decade. Tom offers that it is one of the best whole house investments in the home: saving homeowners up to 20% on heating and cooling costs, preventing more mold growth, and eliminating nasty smells.

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Tom DiGregorio reminds listeners that even though there is a 3rd of the rain fall, structural problems are correctable to create more energy-efficiency conditions in your home and prepare for any structural damage caused by the high humidity and very dry soil conditions.

While the dry weather keeps basements dry, unfortunately there is additional stress on your home’s foundation. Where the soil is so dried out, it will pull away from the footing, the sides of foundation walls, and might create settlement problems – where the dirt can’t hold the load of the home anymore.

With high heat and very high humidity conditions this will wreak havoc on crawl spaces with mold growth and excessive energy bills trying to cool your homes.

Also, houses might be more susceptible to leaking if a big rain should come. Because the soil is pulling away from the wall, when there is some rain, the ground will push up against the wall to create leaks, and increased pressure on block walls causing them to bow and or blow out if they’ve already developed cracks.


Tom DiGregorio teaches listeners how to properly care for your home’s crawl space. Encapsulating a crawl space can lower your energy bills, improve the air quality of your home, and allows you to use your crawl space for storage without the risk of mold growth.

Tom DiGregorio once again joins the Home Fix It Show, hosted by Dave Baker. Once the roof water is managed properly, what’s next? Depending on how long ago the home was built, the foundation might not be waterproofed correctly – only damp proofed. Where do you go from there? Listen & find out!

Dave Baker, host of the Home Fix It Show, is joined by Tom DiGregorio to go over the different ways you can be proactive against basement and foundation waterproofing. Tips include: managing your roof water by keeping your gutters clean, making sure the runoff is 10-15 feet away from the foundation, and more.

On this edition of the Home Fix It Show, Dave Baker speaks with Tom DiGregorio about the spring rain weather and the affect it has on your home’s foundation and basement. Red clay soil contracts when it’s dry and expands when it’s wet. After a heavy drout, rain can find it’s way through certain paths to your basement that were never there before. Find out what can be done!

Just because there is no standing water inside your home, doesn’t mean you don’t have a foundation problem. When soil is continuously shrinking and expanding due to on and off rain, a lot of hydrostatic pressure is put on the foundation walls. This can cause settlement issues, wall failure, and bowing floors.

Water that builds up against a foundation wall will eventually find its way in. The value of your home is dependent on the condition your foundation. It’s important to keep an eye out for cracks and other signs of foundation problems.

The rising humidity can wreak havoc in a crawl space. This is because of the vents that were standard for older building codes. Warm air mixed with the moisture of the ground makes your crawl space the perfect factory for mold. Don’t be surprised if your floor joists and subfloors quickly become rotted. The old way of dealing with crawl spaces has really caused a lot of problems for homeowners. Fortunately, Aquaguard has the crawl space repair solutions you need.

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