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Your foundation and basement walls have to put up with a lot. Soil erosion, bad home renovation and groundwater seepage can all cause damage to your foundation. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has foundation solutions for every home and business. The professional team of foundation experts at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is experienced with all kinds of foundation issues. We provide waterproofing, foundation repair and replacement, concrete leveling, sump pump installation, crawl space repair and encapsulations, and more!

Wet basements are often home to mold, mildew and rot, causing harm to the structure of your property and potential health issues in your family. A dry basement and solid foundation make for a safer and healthier property, preventing mold and mildew from growing, as well as future water damage to your furniture and walls.

For all things foundation, call AquaGuard Foundation Solutions in Athens at 762-499-7711.