Are you experiencing bowing or leaning basement walls? The most common issue associated with failing foundation walls is too much pressure. When there is an excessive amount of lateral pressure, the wall can start to bow and, in some instances, break. Our team at AquaGuard in Marietta offers basement wall anchors as a solution to ensure your foundation walls sit straight again. Wall anchors are used to stabilize both basement and foundation walls, while providing additional support and strength. Our Marietta basement wall anchor services are the best way to fix failing foundation walls without disrupting your entire foundation or costing more than you can afford.

Wall anchors are a very versatile repair solution, as they can be used to support or stabilize walls that have a wide variety of issues, including stair-step cracking, inward bowing, diagonal cracking, and foundation leaning in your Marietta home. To ensure this kind of repair solution is the best option for your home, wall anchors need quite a bit of space outside your home. In order to be an effective repair solution, wall anchors extend into stable soil near your home, bracing the wall. This will halt the inward movement of the wall, and over time, can move foundation walls back to their original spot. AquaGuard employs a full-time team of experienced Marietta basement wall anchor installation contractors. The installation process is typically quick, lasting about one day, with very minimal disruptions to your daily life and landscape. Once the installation process has been completed, you should notice immediate improvement.

To learn more about our Marietta basement wall anchor installation services, contact our team of foundation repair professionals at AquaGuard. We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns about our services, and to determine whether wall anchors are the best repair solution for your home, we will perform a free foundation inspection.

Wall anchors being placed on a foundation in order to support leaning walls the bricks actually appear to be slanting inside the home.