Most people tend to forget about their crawl spaces because they are out of sight, but a neglected crawl space can lead to a multitude of problems, both structural and health related. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is here to ensure that your crawl space is in tip-top shape with our Marietta crawl space encapsulation services. With 25 of experience, we have seen every kind of issue there is, and with an in-home inspection, we can help determine the kind of repairs your crawl space needs or help you prepare for future damages ahead of time.

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of waterproofing and sealing the crawl space in your home to deter any kind of moisture and humidity issues. With a quality drainage system and insulated crawl space you can easily regulate the temperature and humidity in your crawl space, making it one of the most regulated and controlled areas in your house. There are several benefits that come from our Marietta crawl space encapsulation services, and they can include improved air quality, additional storage space, reduced chances for mold growth, and protection against potential structural damage. A few symptoms to be on the lookout for when deciding whether to get your home in Marietta a vapor barrier are high humidity, musty odors, standing water, dry rot, and sinking floors.

When you partner with AquaGuard in Marietta for crawl space encapsulation services, we can guarantee that our rates are the most affordable out there. We know it can be a financial burden to deal with hefty home repairs, so we’ll offer you the best solution for your unique needs, while ensuring you get the best service possible. If you would like to learn more about our crawl space encapsulation and basement draining services, contact our team of professionals at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions today to schedule your free in-home inspection.

A crawl space that is fully insulated leaving no area exposed