Crawl spaces tend to get ignored when it comes to maintenance and repair. Unfortunately, neglecting to take care of your crawl space can lead to costly and extensive repairs later down the road. If your crawl space is prone to unwanted moisture, it can lead to pest infestations, mold, rotting floor joists, and more. While your home can become prone to structural damage, those living in your home may experience health issues if your crawl space is not taken care of. Our Rome, GA crawl space encapsulation experts have 25 of experience working with northern Georgia communities, and we can turn your dark and damp crawl space into a functional part of your home, that doubles as storage, with ease! 

Encapsulation refers to the waterproofing, sealing, and usual maintenance of a crawl space that essentially removes any kind of moisture or humidity issues. Our team of Rome, GA crawl space encapsulation professionals will install a drainage system, insulate your space, and seal the walls and floor to effectively dehumidify your crawl space and prevent any water or moisture from getting in. This process will effectively make your crawl space one of the most regulated and climate-controlled spaces in your house, leading to increased energy efficiency, improved air quality, more storage space, and long-lasting mold prevention. While each home requires specific things, the process in which we encapsulate a crawl space remains the same. We remove standing water, repair any structural damage, insulate the crawl space, install a vapor barrier and a humidifier, and watch you enjoy the benefits of your upgraded crawl space. 

If you are noticing symptoms of a damaged crawl space, or notice excessive water and moisture, it’s time to call our Rome, GA crawl space encapsulation specialists at AquaGuard. Contact us today to set up your free home inspection.

A featured image of what appears to be a crawl space being insulated from a product of Aquaguard's