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AquaGuard Foundation Solutions Before & After Photos

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Atlanta, GA

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The staining on the block walls indicates water/moisture intrusion into this crawlspace. With the CleanSpace vapor barrier neatly installed along the walls and floor of this crawl space, this Atlanta homeowner can rest assured that the space will remain dry. The air inside the space (with the added protection from closing any vents leading into the space) will remain dry and not breed mold and mildew. This also means that the air rising up into the living room, dining room and spaces you live in will be healthier.

Perfect Environment for Mold in Douglasville

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Many crawlspaces in Georgia look very similar to this one. Debris is scattered everywhere. This nasty setting is a prime example of the perfect environment for mold to grow. AquaGuard used a variety of products to help this crawlspace with its water and drainage issues. By isolating the space from the dirt floor with the CleanSpace vapor barrier, the crawl space environment is not a haven for moisture and mildew and possibly mold.

Humidity levels under control because of a Sanidry CX

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Before AquaGuard, this Stockbridge crawlspace was extremely damp and dirty. The moisture in the air of this crawlspace was causing the wood beams on the ceiling to become soggy.

PolyLevel for Pool Deck Lifting in Smyrna

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Safety is always a top priority! This neighborhood's HOA decided that the entrance to its pool deck was becoming too unsafe for children and families, so they decided to call AquaGuard to come out and take a look. Although PolyLEVEL is traditionally used for residential home driveways and sidewalks, it certainly can be applied to commercial areas like pool decks.

PolyLEVEL Applied to Brick Front Porch

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Although PolyLEVEL is used quite often to raise concrete driveways and sidewalks, it can also be used to raise brick porches and many other surfaces.

Major Stair-Step Crack fixed by PolyLEVEL

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This home's front concrete slab began to settle, which caused an enormous stair-step crack in the adjacent brick wall. The front doors of this home began to stick, which is another indicator of soil settlement. AquaGuard was able to address this huge settlement problem with POLYLEVEL.

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