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Case Studies

Case Studies: Helical Piers For Unstable Deck I0n Marietta

The biggest problem when working with foundation problems is always the soil around your home. Many people fail to recognize that soils are constantly expanding and shrinking due to current weather conditions. In times of drought, the soil will begin to shrink and contract. On the contrary, during periods of heavy rain, the soil becomes saturated and will expanding or even wash away. In this case, the soil underneath the deck washed away, due to heavy rains. With little to stabilize the structure, a section of the deck began sagging.

Case Studies: Woodstock Homeowner Fixes Stoop & Driveway With PolyLevel

Homeowners typically expect a perfect lift back to the original position, when our PolyLevel polyurethane injection foam is installed, but this is not always the case. Different scenarios bring about differing results, and the results depend highly on the situation. It can be hard to explain to the homeowner that even if original position is not reached, PolyLevel still stabilizes the slab or stoop entirely. The purpose of this type of work is to fill the void under the concrete and stabilize it, not just lifting it. This stabilization prevents the concrete from sagging further, but homeowners may not immediately grasp the concept, as it is not something you can easily observe or see. We want the concrete to be driven over without worry and as smoothly as possible after the installation. However, there are cases in which the concrete slab cracks further during the lifting process.

Case Studies: Installing A TripleSafe Sump Pump In Atlanta

As water leakage began seeping in from the cinderblock walls of our client’s unfinished basement, it began to cause not only a foul smell, but also created a lack of usable space. Additionally, the presence of moisture created the atmosphere for mold and mildew growth, as well as wood rot and the potential for structural damage, which could cause a variety of health problems – both for our clients and their home. The home was built on a sloping elevation in such a way that water naturally pooled around the basement foundation, and the resulting water influx prompted our client to call AquaGuard and have one of our system design specialists come out to assess the situation.  

Case Studies: Department Of Transportation Concrete Repair

On public roads, there are solid approach slabs that are normally twenty feet long and serve as the connecting piece between the road on land and the bridge itself. In the case of Constitution Boulevard, as is often the case, the soil began to sink near the edge of the level ground where the bridge begins, causing the approach slab to lose its contour with the bridge. In fact, the east side northbound road had dropped 3 inches when AquaGuard came to inspect the problem, and the south lane had dropped 5 inches. Such a differential in road height between the approach slab and bridge created a dangerous driving environment and had the potential to cause damage to vehicles quickly approaching the bridge.

Case Studies: Pendergrass, Georgia | Crawlspace Encapsulation

This home in Pendergrass, Georgia posed numerous challenges. The root of this home’s crawlspace issues originated due to the extremely poor drainage system in the space. Without a properly working drainage system, this crawlspace environment was dirty, dusty, and damp. All of these problems were affecting the air quality of the home above it while also increasing the homeowner’s energy bill.

Case Studies: 3 Strategies AquaGuard uses for Crawlspace Encapsulation

AquaGuard helped this homeowner identify and address the issues he was experiencing in his crawlspace. This homeowner’s crawlspace was extremely dirty, dusty, and damp. Standing water was found at numerous locations in the space which was causing the moisture level to rise. The wood beams supporting the above floor were beginning to grow wood rot because of the dampness in the wood. All of these water issues are due to the poor drainage system in this crawlspace. Water is not exiting the space properly and is too susceptible to entering and spreading throughout the space. AquaGuard proposed numerous solutions to this homeowner to combat all of the water challenges in his crawlspace.

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