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Case Studies

Case Studies: Pendergrass, Georgia | Crawlspace Encapsulation

This home in Pendergrass, Georgia posed numerous challenges. The root of this home’s crawlspace issues originated due to the extremely poor drainage system in the space. Without a properly working drainage system, this crawlspace environment was dirty, dusty, and damp. All of these problems were affecting the air quality of the home above it while also increasing the homeowner’s energy bill.

Case Studies: 3 Strategies AquaGuard uses for Crawlspace Encapsulation

AquaGuard helped this homeowner identify and address the issues he was experiencing in his crawlspace. This homeowner’s crawlspace was extremely dirty, dusty, and damp. Standing water was found at numerous locations in the space which was causing the moisture level to rise. The wood beams supporting the above floor were beginning to grow wood rot because of the dampness in the wood. All of these water issues are due to the poor drainage system in this crawlspace. Water is not exiting the space properly and is too susceptible to entering and spreading throughout the space. AquaGuard proposed numerous solutions to this homeowner to combat all of the water challenges in his crawlspace.

Case Studies: Coroplast and WaterGuard

This AquaGuard customer recently bought his home and noticed that there were some cracks in the basement’s poured walls. Although they appeared to have been repaired before, there was still water coming in around the same area. In need of a repair before he finished his basement, this homeowner called AquaGuard for help.

Case Studies: Moisture and Structural Issues in a Stockbridge Crawlspace

This crawlspace in Stockbridge had two major issues that the homeowner contacted AquaGuard to fix. The first challenge dealt with the moisture and water problems in the space. Any water that was entering the crawlspace was not exiting it properly, causing the air to become damp. The second problem in the space was its foundation. The wood beams above the crawlspace were extremely damp that they were becoming weak- forcing them to struggle to hold up the above floor. Also, the concrete blocks holding up the floor were unreliable – as in any type of crawl space.

Case Studies: Sagging Crawl Space Floors Fixed

The moisture in this crawlspace was causing the above floors to sag. The high humidity levels caused the wood support beams to absorb the unwanted moisture from the air; this absorbed water created weak beams, making them support the above floor less and less. These support beams also began to grow wood rot on them.

Case Studies: SmartDrains and CleanSpace Drain Matting

AquaGuard entered this crawlspace and found that it was extremely damp, musty, and moldy. Water was not being captured or drained properly from the space. Due to the water not leaving the crawlspace, the humidity level was extremely high. Also, the opened air vents were causing the air in the space to be worse, not better.

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