Crawl space repair isn't something that most homeowners think about. Instead, it comes up when a foul odor is noticed, allergies are running rampant and the flooring is sagging. Most of these problems are caused by humidity in crawl space areas beneath the house. These problems may be remedied with crawl space repair that includes SmartJacks.

Crawl Space Repair

A crawl space repair and encapsulation service provider can trace your home's uneven floors, drywall cracks and mold spore growth back to humidity in crawl space areas. Experienced service providers have many solutions that help them correct these issues, turning a degenerating crawl space into a safe and productive part of your home.

The Problem with Humidity in Crawl Space Areas

When there is too much humidity in crawl space areas, it wreaks havoc on your home. Water leaks, moisture in the walls and wood rot all take their toll. The results can include uneven floors.

SmartJacks to the Rescue

SmartJacks are an amazing tool that can be put to use after taking care of humidity in crawl space issues. In fact, SmartJacks, with their ability to return your home to its proper height, are one of the most important weapons in the crawl space repair service provider's arsenal.

Installing SmartJacks

Technicians dig holes beneath the home's girders, installing gravel and a concrete base for each SmartJack. The column of the SmartJack is put in place as part of the crawl space repair, and then it's adjusted to lift the home close to its original position. Each SmartJack can support 60,000 pounds of weight and its height can be adjusted as necessary.

Crawl Space Repair in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia

If your floors are sagging, you may have humidity in crawl space areas. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse, so contact Aquaguard for a free crawl space repair estimate or call us at (770) 415-2030 today.

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