backup sump pump battery installed to the sump pump

We've all been there, it's storming and the power goes out. We're without our daily comforts and necessities. You never know how long the power's going to be out.

For customers whose basement and crawlspace floods it's a scary situation. A sump pump by itself isn't enough. They take power and without power your basement or crawlspace can flood again. Do you really want to risk that?

AquaGuard Basement Systems offers the UltraSump DC-operated battery backup sump pump - which protects your basement from flooding if your power or circuit breakers fail, or the primary pump fails to turn on for any reason.

The battery that comes as part of the UltraSump backup sump pump system is specially engineered to withstand long periods of remaining unused. So, if you're considering an alternate system, be sure that the battery connected to your sump pump isn't a car or marine battery. Auto or boat batteries that sit for long periods of time can and do fail. The UltraSump also comes standard with a charging system to automatically recharge your battery once power has been reconnected to the system.

You can rest easy knowing the UltraSump is on the job, especially when you are away from home. It provides that added measure of security. It comes standard on our TripleSafe pumps or as an add on for our Super Sump pumps.

Ask your consultant or service techinicia about the UltraSump when they visit your home and protect your home even during power outages.

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