Even though this home was in its due-diligence, AquaGuard was still able to send a sales representative out to look at the crawl space. Standing water was found in the space, along with some mold on the crawl space wood beams. Not only was the environment of the crawl space very damp, but it was also extremely dirty.

The Solution

AquaGuard was able to address the crawlspaces water and cleanliness issues. First, CleanSpace drain matting was applied to the floors and walls of this crawlspace. Next AquaGuard installed DryTrak drainage systems around the space. DryTrak captures any water right when it seeps into the crawlspace; it does not allow the water to spread to the entire space. A SuperSump pump pumping system was also installed to automatically remove any water in the crawlspace. Two exterior drainage systems, IceGuard and LawnScape, were installed to move the captured water out and away from the home.