The Challenge

The block wall of this homeowner’s basement had water leaking in about halfway up the wall. The water was causing a variety of issues for this basement. The humidity was ridiculously high and the moisture was causing not only mold to grow, but also efflorescence to form throughout the basement. Water was not properly flowing out of this basement, but because the wall was below grade, AquaGuard was able to offer many solutions to help this homeowner waterproof their space.

The Solution

The main solution AquaGuard offered this homeowner was DryTrak. DryTrak lines the basement walls and is a great drainage system for all unwanted water. But DryTrak is not effective all by itself. A SaniDry dehumidifier and a SuperSump pump were installed to help capture the water and drain it out of the basement. To improve drainage, AquaGuard also installed IceGuard and Lawnscape to move the homeowner’s unwanted water out AND away from the basement. Now this space is water free and does not run the risk of mold growth anymore!