Although this crawl space was very small, it was causing big problems. The main issue this crawl space was facing was inefficiency. Because of being dirty and humid, the crawl space was costing this homeowners extra money on their heating and air bills. AquaGuard was able to come in and make the space more energy efficient by better insulating it and installing products to help fight future water and humidity problems.

The Solution

Although this crawlspace was extremely small, AquaGuard still had to remove the unnecessary debris in the space. AquaGuard then encapsulated this crawlspace a little differently than we do others. Not only did we install CleanSpace on the walls of the space, but we also used SilverGlo, which is a type of insulation board. Continuing to insulate, rim band foam was installed to address air infiltration. Rim band foam is used to seal air out of the crawlspace. Along with the foam, we also sealed off the other vents how we do in many other crawlspaces. Citrifresh was used in the crawlspace as a mold treatment. To be clear, this is not mold remediation - it is a biofog that is the best cleaner to alleviate crawlspace or attic mold. A passive air vent was also installed to allow air to move more freely from room to room to ensure that the dehumidifier cleans all of the humid air. Dehumidifying the air helps tame the humidity problem which usually causes mold to grow.