The Challenge

This crawlspace posed numerous challenges for AquaGuard to address and repair. One of the most prominent was the nasty crawlspace environment. The crawlspace was damp and moist, it was so humid that it caused the above hardwood floors to buckle. Also, the crawlspace was covered with debris and the insulation was falling from the ceiling. Another issue was the almost non-existent drainage system which was causing water to accumulate, which in turn contributed to high levels of humidity in the crawl space.

The Solution

The first step AquaGuard took in this crawlspace was removing all of the debris and insulation. Some homeowners think that insulation is a good thing in their crawlspace, but it actually does more harm than good, as the damp moist air from the floor makes the insulation fail due to excess moisture. The falling insulation was taken down and the whole crawlspace was then covered with drainage matting and CleanSpace, a vapor barrier system made of a 20-mil 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with polyester-cord reinforcement. This liner is treated with a mold-resistant additive called "UltraFresh", so that it will never support mildew or mold growth on its surface. Even the support columns in the crawl space were wrapped in CleanSpace. A Sanidry Condensate Pump and Sanidry Dehumidifier were installed to monitor and regulate the crawlspace’s humidity. A Pipe and Gravel Drainage System were also installed to ensure that water was exiting the crawlspace properly. Lastly, the crawlspace’s vents were sealed from the inside. This will prevent further moist damp air from entering the space and ensures the space stays dry. Now this crawlspace is in perfect condition to be used however the homeowner sees fit.