The Challenge

Musty. Damp. Dirty! Your crawlspace should never be any of these! Unfortunately, a home in Clarkesville, Georgia was experiencing major water problems in their crawlspace. In numerous places around the crawlspace, water was leaking in from the outside environment. These leaks usually leave standing water and damp walls or floors, which are prime growing conditions for mold. Another problem with this space was how dirty and dusty it was. Dirty and dusty crawlspaces cause higher energy bills. Also, the dusty air will end up circulating to the rest of your home through your ducts and vents. Crawlspaces should be in prime condition in order for your home to benefit and be healthy for all.

The Solution

The most significant solution offered to this home was Crawlspace CleanSpace. This white vapor barrier covers all of the unfinished surfaces of a crawlspace - even the concrete columns (which should be replaced with a better foundation technique like SmarJacks). AquaGuard also sealed the crawlspaces vents. This is very beneficial to the home. Leaving vents open does more bad than good for your crawlspace, as the vents allow cold moist air to enter the space. EZ Flow and IceGuard were also installed, which are two drainage systems offered by AquaGuard. A SuperSump sump pump was installed to pump the water out of the crawlspace. A Sanidry dehumidifier was also installed to keep air moisture levels at the appropriate level.