This AquaGuard customer recently bought his home and noticed that there were some cracks in the basement’s poured walls. Although they appeared to have been repaired before, there was still water coming in around the same area. In need of a repair before he finished his basement, this homeowner called AquaGuard for help.

The Solution

AquaGuard installed numerous waterproofing products in home’s basement. Coroplast was applied to the walls and was connected to the WaterGuard drainage system to ensure that all water was captured and removed from the basement. Along with the WaterGuard, a port and feed line were installed to aid the water out of the space more efficiently. Not only did AquaGuard equip the inside of the basement, but we also installed products on the exterior of the home. IceGuard and LawnScape are the primary products we use to guarantee that the water removed from the basement does not re-enter the space. A TripleSafe pumping system and a pump discharge unit finished this installation; its purpose, once again, was to ensure that water does not remain in this basement.