The Challenge

This homeowner called AquaGuard asking if we could help her with her damp and moist crawlspace. She was worried that mold and wood rot was a risk for her space and wanted to take care of the moisture problems. Along with being damp, this crawlspace was also extremely messy. Insulation was falling from the ceiling and the plastic covering the dirt floor was beginning to come up and expose the nasty, dirty earth. The moisture in the space was a major problem because of the poor drainage systems. AquaGuard was able to help with all of these issues and offer great solution

The Solution

AquaGuard installed great equipment to help this homeowner clean up and dry out her crawlspace. We began by removing the debris from her space. After that, we installed a SmartSump pump. This sump pump automatically drains so that there is no risk of the water captured leaking back into the crawlspace. Attached to this pump were many discharge units. One of these units is the EZ flow. This installation removes the water from the space and out and away from the home. In the backyard of the home, landscapes were installed to prevent puddles of discharge water from forming. This crawlspace is now dry and equipped to handle any water that may enter it.