The Challenge

In this home, unwanted water was entering the basement and crawl space. A great deal of the water entered the basement due to a poor draining system surrounding the home. Also, the insulation in the home’s crawl space began to grow mold and fall apart due to a high level of moisture.

The Solution

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions proposed many resolutions to the owner of this home. To fix the basement water issues, WaterGuard Systems were installed. These systems help correctly drain the water out and away from the basement. A SuperSump, one of AquaGuard’s gravity exits, was also placed in the basement to aid in moving the unwanted water out of the basement. BrightWall Systems were installed on the basement walls to make sure future water cannot enter the basement. To help redirect the water away from the basement and crawl space, downspout extensions and EZ Flow (underground pipes) were installed.