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A crack in the foundation of a residential driveway

Concrete Settlement: Know the Signs

March 20, 2018 2:11 pm

Dealing with structural or foundation issues is never fun but you can spot them early on if you keep a vigilant eye out. When you catch settling concrete early on, you can mitigate a lot of the time and money it would cost by letting the symptoms go unnoticed.

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Driveway garage foundation where there is a large crack in the foundation

Winter’s Effects On Your Home: Concrete Settlement

January 30, 2018 8:53 pm

During the winter, foundations exposed to the air can freeze the ground up to several feet below the surface–causing frost heave under homes, buildings, and under the pavement. This results in massive damage to structures and foundation issues.

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A technician drilling into a driveway foundation to install polylevel

Restore Peace of Mind With Our Concrete Leveling Solutions

September 6, 2017 9:29 pm

In the weeks leading up to the official start of fall, people begin to ready their yards for small projects like landscaping updates, flower beds, or maybe even adding a firepit. This is when homeowners begin to notice the cracks and uneven surfaces. If you have noticed that your driveway, sidewalk, garage, concrete steps, or…

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A wall featuring a large gap and crack in the foundation

New Concrete Repair Services: NexusPro & Compression Joint Guards

April 28, 2017 2:22 pm

As bad as an uneven walkway can look, dried, bubbling, or loose joint sealant can be just as unsightly and is the culprit of that uneven walkway. The sealant should have kept water out of the cracks but when it makes it through the soil washes away, causing sinking. Luckily, there is now a better solution…

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A technician installing polylevel into the foundation of a cracked driveway

Leveling Your Sunken Concrete Slab: The PolyLevel Difference

April 19, 2017 1:59 pm

Now is the time when we start to hose down the patio furniture, put new plants out, and stock up on charcoal. The best time to enjoy your home is during the warmest months when you can sit outside with your friends and family and admire your beautiful surroundings. Sometimes, the annual tidy up leads…

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Technician installing push pier system beneath the foundation of a residential home

Foundation Wall Settlement: Transition from Winter to Spring

March 21, 2017 8:20 pm

Warmer, wetter spring weather is here, which means homeowners will begin to notice that their home’s foundation has some problems. When the cold, dry winter weather is replaced by a more moist climate, the soils that surround a home will oversaturate, start to shift, or wash way — leaving nothing sturdy for heavy foundation walls…

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Technician installing PolyLevel solution into crack of a driveway foundation

Concrete Replacement vs PolyLevel Concrete Leveling

February 9, 2017 10:58 pm

Does your driveway, sidewalk, concrete steps or patio have noticeable areas where sunken concrete has caused uneven surfaces and tripping hazards? Along with being annoying eyesores, these uneven areas can cause injuries, lawsuits and prevent your home from selling for the price you want. Fortunately, there is an easy solution.

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