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While PolyLevel remains a viable concrete leveling and stabilization solution for large settled or broken slab areas, sometimes, your driveway is simply too fractured or deteriorated for repair. In these situations, full concrete replacement is necessary. If your concrete looks as if it is broken into a million pieces or its surface is heavily deteriorated or cracked, our full concrete replacement not only gives your slab a beautiful face-lift, but it also eliminates hazardous trip hazards and restores property value and safety. AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has the expertise and experience throughout Atlanta & North Georgia to weigh in with an honest assessment and let you know if PolyLevel or full concrete replacement is best for you.

When Do I Need Concrete Replacement?

Certain conditions call for full removal and replacement of concrete driveways or sidewalks. The most notable are:

  • Jagged, excessive cracking (any concrete segments less than 3’x3′ in area are nearly impossible to repair)
  • Heavy deterioration or discoloration
  • Additions of or extensions to existing concrete slabs
  • Desire for new concrete altogether (back patio, e.g.)

Let one of our seasoned concrete specialists assess your concrete to let you know whether PolyLevel or replacement is right for you!

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