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Concrete Leveling

Why Does Outdoor Concrete Sink?

Concrete is heavy! When the soils underneath a concrete slab are unable to support its weight, the slab will sink.

If part of the concrete slab is supported by soils and other sections are not, the unsupported pieces may crack away from the other section and result in unlevel concrete.

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Void in concrete sidewalk

Primary causes of sinking outdoor concrete

Soil Shrinkage, Compaction & Settling

Different types of soil have different load-bearing capacities. When a soil’s load-bearing capacity is exceeded, the soil will compact and settle.

It’s also possible for the soil beneath a slab to settle and compact of its own accord. Soil that contains large amounts of clay and/or silt, as much of Georgia’s soil does, will shrink substantially when it dries out.

As the soil compacts underneath a concrete slab, the unsupported slab will sink as well, usually cracking in one or more areas as a result.


A hoofprint in the mud, showing compacting soils

Washout Of Soils

The soil underneath your driveway, that patio or concrete steps is also highly susceptible to Georgia’s ever-changing weather and climate changes. Just as compaction or shrinkage can occur during periods of drought, during heavy rains or when the ground thaws out after freezing during winter, that same soil can wash out and erode. Once this occurs, your soil can provide little to no support for the heavy concrete that rests on top of it.

As water moves underneath your concrete slabs, it can wash away the soil that’s supporting the weight of the overlying concrete. As this happens, a void, or empty space, is created underneath. Over time, with nothing to support it, your concrete slab will begin to crack, sink or cave in. Suddenly, you’ve got a major concrete settlement problem, safety hazard, and potential loss of resale value

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