Flooding in your crawl space can be an expensive, time-consuming headache that you don’t want to deal with. Removing all of the water is a hassle in itself, and then comes the worry of mold growth or musty smells if the remaining moisture isn’t removed as well.

Crawl space flooding can be caused by a number of different factors:

  • Water coming in through your crawl space vents, open doors, or hatchways
  • Water leaks from cracks in your foundation walls
  • Too much rainfall and oversaturated soils, causing water to funnel into your crawl space

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Prevent Flooding in Your Crawl Space

We offer several different products and services to keep water out of your crawl space and prevent it from flooding.

EZ Flow Drain System

When excess moisture enters your crawl space, prevent flooding with a crawl space drain. This is installed around the perimeter of your crawl space and channels the water outside to prevent flooding.

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Moisture Barrier (Encapsulation)

If water doesn’t have anywhere to stay, flooding will not be an issue. A moisture barrier does just that. It’s a thick, durable liner that goes over your crawl space walls and floors and channels any water outside your crawl space to prevent it from flooding.

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Drainage matting

Our drainage matting is installed under the crawl space liner to prevent water from getting trapped and help channel it outside to avoid flooding.

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Vent Covers

A common place for water to enter your crawl space is through vents. Placing airtight covers over your vents will prevent water from coming through and help your crawl space avoid flooding issues.

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Seal block walls

An area that’s not as obvious is the open space at the top of your block walls. Water can funnel through these openings and into your crawl space, so we offer the WallCap system to cover these open spaces to prevent water from coming through.

If you think your crawl space is prone to flooding, contact our team today for a free inspection and to prevent the issue from getting worse.