Why Is Having A Wet Crawl Space Bad?

Though most crawl spaces are seldom used, a wet crawl space could mean problems for the floors above. It's important to manage crawl space moisture levels to prevent rotting wood, mold growth, high humidity, pests, and other symptoms of a wet crawl space. Luckily, this is easy thanks to a number of crawl space repair and waterproofing solutions provided by AquaGuard Foundation Solutions.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation refers to the process of waterproofing, insulating, sealing, and conditioning the crawl space to eliminate moisture and high humidity issues. The combination of installing an effective drainage system, insulating the crawl space, sealing floors and walls, and adequately dehumidifying the air not only prevents groundwater or wall moisture from entering the crawl space, but it also regulates crawl space humidity and temperature, often making it the most regulated and climate-controlled area in your home!

What is a Moisture Barrier?

A moisture barrier, sometimes referred to as a vapor barrier, is just part of a complete crawl space encapsulation system. It is a durable liner used to prevent moisture from entering through exposed dirt floors and walls. Our crawl space moisture barrier is a crisp white, 20-mil, 7-layer poly-reinforced liner and is mold resistant, giving you the opportunity to transform your crawl space into usable storage space. 

Will a Dehumidifier Fix My Crawl Space Issue?

Installing a dehumidifier is a crucial part in controlling crawl space moisture. A dehumidifier alone won't fix all crawl space water and moisture issues, but in conjunction with a crawl space moisture barrier, a dehumidifier can ensure your crawl space is protected from mold damage. 

What Are Some Signs That I Need To Repair My Crawl Space?

You'll probably notice signs that your crawl space needs repair in the upper floors of your home before you notice it in your crawl space. Musty odors, sagging and bouncy floors, high humidity, heightened allergies, and increased energy bills are all signs that your crawl space needs repair. If you venture into your crawl space, signs of damage in the space itself may include standing water, wood rot, mold, and pest infestation. If getting into your crawl space to see the damage yourself doesn't sound appealing to you, AquaGuard provides free crawl space inspections for northern Georgia homeowners—simply call to schedule your inspection!

Why Is My Crawl Space Wet?

A wet crawl space can be caused by multiple factors, such as open vents, exposed dirt floors, cracks in foundation walls, plumbing leaks, and more. 

How Long Will It Take To Repair my Crawl Space?

Many of our crawl space repair and waterproofing solutions can be completed in as little as one day! During your crawl space inspection, our crawl space repair contractors can give you a more accurate idea of how long your repair or waterproofing project will take. Call us today to schedule your inspection!

What Materials Does AquaGuard Use to Repair Crawl Spaces?

There's not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to crawl space repair. We use a variety of materials to repair and waterproof crawl spaces—from polyethylene-inforced liners to galvanized steel. For a complete list our crawl space repair products, view our crawl space solutions page.

What Can I Expect During An AquaGuard Crawl Space Inspection?

During your free crawl space inspection, one of our crawl space repair experts will visit your home to inspect both the interior and exterior of your crawl space and foundation. After assessing the severity and cause of damage, we will discuss the best crawl space repair and waterproofing solutions for your home. 

How Will AquaGuard Repair My Crawl Space?

The exact crawl space repair method AquaGuard will use to restore your home will depend on what kind of damage is present. We offer both crawl space waterproofing and crawl space repair solutions, including vapor barriers and structural repair. 

How Do Crawl Space Vent Covers Work?

Crawl space vents are open invitations for pests and water to enter your home. Crawl space vent covers work by sealing off crawl space vents, keeping outside air, moisture, and pests out of your home. 

Do I Need Crawl Space Insulation?

We recommend all homeowners install crawl space insulation as it greatly improves your home's energy efficiency. 

Does AquaGuard Guarantee Their Work?

Yes—at AquaGuard, we stand behind the effectiveness of our work, only providing patented and warrantied products. Most of our solutions come with a life-of-the-structure transferable warranty or 25-year manufacturer warranty. To learn about our warranties and guarantees for a specific product or service, call AquaGuard today!