What It Does:

If your crawl space has block walls with open cores at the top, we recommend installing WallCap as part of your crawl space encapsulation project. Closing crawl space vents with vent covers is necessary and obvious. What is less obvious are the large openings left at the top of most block walls formed from the core holes of the individual block. These openings are facing up and are partially covered by the sill plate of your home, so they are hard to see.

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Installation Time

Atlanta crawl space concrete wall sealing can be done by one contractor while the rest of your CrawlSeal™ system is being installed by the rest of the crew. A complete CrawlSeal™ installation usually takes less than a day.

Installing ExTremeBloc In Your Crawl Space

To ensure that our Atlanta cement block WallCaps will never detach from your walls, it is attached mechanically to the concrete with plastic pegs. A polymer seal is used to adhere the plastic to the concrete to complete the vapor barrier protection.

Since most crawl space walls are created out of concrete block, your system design specialist will usually recommend the ExTremeBloc System in your crawl space. Our Atlanta crawl space concrete wall sealing is a small addition that makes a huge difference!

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