If you notice any sinking or sagging floors in your home, it may be time to call an experienced Atlanta sinking floor repair professional like AquaGuard. A sinking floor could be a sign that the structural integrity of your crawl space is compromised. Over time, those floor joists, which comprise the wooden slat "roof" of your crawl space, may can weaken and cause major structural problems.

Floor joists can become weak from:

  • Too much space between support columns
  • Cinderblock columns (can tilt under pressure, causing very weak structural support)
  • Too much moisture in the crawl space (causes wood to sag or rot like dry firewood over-exposed to rain)
  • Weak soil or poor footing (results in settled columns and cracked or buckling floor joists)

Although it may seem subtle at first, theses weak floor joists can start to bend or bow and result in sinking floors inside your home, as well as interior wall cracks stemming from the corners of doors or windows above.

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failing floor joist

This is an example of a weakened floor joist that is struggling to support the weight of the house, causing damage to the overall structure of the crawl space.

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Stabilize Your Home

Weakened crawl space floor joists need sturdy supports and a stable base in order to properly support the heavy homes that rest on top of them. Our local Atlanta crawl space support experts use a patented IntelliJack™ steel joist stabilization and leveling system, which permanently stabilizes your crawl space joists and will prevent future sagging or sinking floors within your home.

Benefits of the IntelliJack™ system:

  • Engineer-designed and tested by our structural manufacturing network, Groundworks
  • Each jack can support loads of more than 60,000lbs
  • Galvanized for corrosion resistance
  • Can be installed in limited access areas
  • Only crawl space support jack that adequately addresses the culprit of settlement, the soil

Get your home back in shape and on level ground; contact the Atlanta crawl space support experts at AquaGuard today!

crawl space supports

Our patented IntelliJack™ floor-leveling system has an adjustable design feature that can be raised or lowered over time, if needed, to adjust to settlement issues and give your home adequate support.