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AquaGuard offers better solutions than laying ugly black pipes and contraptions across your lawn. These just get in the way of mowing the grass and even prohibit family fun in certain areas. AquaGuard offers solutions like burying the pipes AWAY from the foundation! These ugly pipes can also be terminated at the surface and covered with our LawnScape Outlet. This cover unscrews so any debris can be removed easily.

Downspouts Aren't Perfect! And Neither are Gutters!

AquaGuard can also install a RainChute, which is a chute that is raised a few inches off the ground to release the water up to 7 feet away! Just this small install can make a huge difference. The RainChute is above ground, but will not get in the way of playing or mowing, and is also inexpensive because there is no need to dig. These devices also do not clog!

Downspouts Aren't Perfect! And Neither are Gutters!

(Does your downspout look like this? A RainChute would be the perfect solution!)

Also, on a side note, continue to keep your gutters clean. The runoff water lands right next to the foundation and is bound to seep in somehow!

Downspouts Aren't Perfect! And Neither are Gutters!

(Standing water like this so close to a home is bound to end up in the basement or crawlspace!)

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