With spring on its way, even more water is on its way in the form of those famous spring showers. Unfortunately, not every home is equipped to deal with the extra water and problems that can result. One huge issue is when water pools up and funnels down through the soil, causing water to infiltrate and damage your basement or crawl space. The hydrostatic pressure buildup against your foundation walls can also cause horizontal cracks and, if enough pressure builds up over time, the wall may fail and collapse. If not addressed immediately, these issues will not fix themselves. It’ll worsen over time. Catching problems early can help mitigate future costs and damage.

Improperly Channeled Roof Water: Waterproofing Issues

Avoid Leakage With Gutter Downspout Extensions

Many homes have gutters that discharge water too close to the house and much of the water will seep into the soil surrounding your house, and then into your foundation. This can add a significant amount to any basement or crawl space leakage, as well as contribute to foundation issues. By installing any combination of our downspout extensions on your gutters, this problem can be averted.

By simply adding an extension to your downspout, you can be sure that the water draining down from your roof is kept far away from your home. Our RainChute® and RainChute EZ® provide easy, cost-effective solutions to this problem, with a design that will never clog--what can be better?

Smart Vent Foundation and Crawl Space Flood Vents

During a large storm, floodwaters can push extreme loads against foundation walls. The force of floodwaters and waves can cause a foundation wall to cave in or collapse. Once this happens, the entire inside and outside of the house is exposed to being severely damaged. The flood vent creates the most cost-effective way to blunt a brutal flooding by providing another path for the water, thus equalizing the surge.

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