intellijacks installed in crawl space

IntelliJack® Support System for Foundation Repair

Are you dealing with sagging floors? Are your doors and windows starting to stick? This could be a sign that the pier columns holding up your home could be sinking. A number of structural damages can be caused by sagging beams and floor joists in your crawl space.

When a crawl space is constructed, it is part of the load-bearing structure of a home. The crawl space requires maintenance for it to successfully hold up the home above. Crawl space structural issues can result in cosmetic problems for your home such as cracks in the drywall and uneven floors.

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What is a IntelliJack® and How Does it Work?

Created by Groundworks, the IntelliJack® is a foundation repair product that acts as an adjustable support system to maintain failing joists or beams. Once a IntelliJack® is installed, it permanently lifts and stabilizes the faulty joists and beams. IntelliJack® rests on a solid concrete base of engineered fill. Next, an adjustable, heavy-duty steel pier is secured to the concrete base and to the bottom of the beam or joist above. The IntelliJack® is unique because of its adjustment ability and potential to move up and down as needed to support the load above. 

Advantages of the IntelliJack® Support System for Foundation Repair:

  • Made out of galvanized steel that doesn’t rust
  • Has a high capacity - supports loads 60,000lbs+
  • Immediately stabilizes and lifts failing joists and beams
  • Requires no waiting time for a concrete cure
  • It can be installed in tight places

The IntelliJack® Support System Isn’t a Temporary Solution

The IntelliJack® is also compatible with a crawl space vapor barrier system. This allows homeowners to avoid damaging crawl space issues such as mold, sinking floors, and humidity while repairing the structural problems within the home.

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