Foundations are prone to having many issues, from sinking floors or wall cracks, to waterproofing issues, there’s a lot of damage that can happen to your foundation. If you notice any signs of foundation damage, it’s best to catch it early before it becomes a dangerous, costly, time-consuming problem.

Fortunately, the experts at AquaGuard Foundation Solutions have several different foundation repair solutions in Atlanta, including helical pier systems, to fix whatever issue you might be experiencing. Our team has seen it all, and we’re ready to provide solutions to fix your foundation right, the first time, with a warranty you can count on.

How Do I Know I Need Foundation Repair?

Your home is probably one of the most expensive investments you’re going to make – that’s why it’s so important to protect its health and maintain its integrity. It’s also critical that you are able to identify common signs of foundation problems so that you can catch them before they get worse.

Common symptoms of foundation problems include:

Foundation Cracks: Wall/Floor Cracks and Other Types of Fractures

Cracks in the wall or the floor definitely indicate a foundation problem. Over time, your structure may experience foundation movement due to a variety of different factors including expanding and contracting soils, too much rain, and not enough rain. With this happens, your foundation shifts and gaps, which can become a serious concern. 

Foundation Settling & Sinking

Foundation settlement is another common sign that you may have problems with your foundation. As time goes on, you may be able to notice that one side of your house is lower than the other. If this is the case, your foundation may need to be lifted and require the installation of interior or exterior foundation piers. 

Sticking Doors or Windows

If you’re starting to notice that your doors or windows are sticking and becoming difficult to open, this may be an indication that there is some sort of problem with your foundation. 

Uneven or Sagging Floors

Do your floors appear to be out of level or sagging, bowing, or dipping? This could indicate foundation trouble. When foundation problems impact pier and beam foundations, your floors have a tendency to sag or squeak.

It’s best to catch a foundation problem early so that it doesn’t cause bigger problems in the future. Our team of Atlanta foundation repair solution experts knows the warning signs and how to permanently repair them. Call us for a free foundation inspection today! We serve Marietta, Atlanta, Decatur, and many nearby areas in Georgia.

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No matter what symptoms your foundation may be experiencing, our team of Atlanta foundation repair solution experts has a solution for you. Not only will our solutions fix your foundation, but they will also help restore the value of your home. More than 40,000 satisfied homeowners throughout Atlanta and North Georgia have trusted AquaGuard to get the job done right, the first time. Concerned about a crack or potential foundation issue? Give us a call, and let us earn your trust as well.

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