What It Does:

The Groundworks IntelliBrace™ Channel Anchor System permanently stabilizes and repairs bowing or tilting foundation walls — without the cost and disruption of total foundation replacement.

Our system includes galvanized steel earth anchors, which embed in stable soil outside your foundation walls. When the installation is complete, all inward movement is halted, and there is an opportunity for a long-term straightening of your foundation walls.

Technical Features:

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Life-of-Structure Warranty
  • Most Jobs Completed in One Day
  • Opportunity to Straighten Wall Over Time

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Installing The Channel Anchor System

AquaGuard™ Channel Anchors are a versatile, effective system that can stabilize walls that are bowing, tipping, pushing in at the bottom, tilting in at the top, or showing similar signs of failure. They are installed with minimal disturbance to your lawn and landscaping, often in a day’s time or less.

To install your channel anchor system, our foundation repair experts will follow these seven steps:

Prepare Holes for Anchors

The first step to install the foundation channel anchors is to prepare the holes of where the anchors will be drilled. Our experts will dig large holes where each anchor will be installed and will set the soil aside for later. A large sheet of plastic is put down and a power auger is used to make the hole the correct size.

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Foundation Wall Preparation

Once the holes have been dug for the anchors, small holes must be drilled into your foundation walls that align with the location of the anchor holes. The holes in your foundation wall and the holes for the anchors will be connected with steel anchor rods.

Connect Rods to Anchors

The steel rods are then pushed through the anchor hole and is attached by a nut to keep them connected. Once the rods are secure, the soil is backfilled in the hole to bury the anchors and hide the work that was done.

Mount Channel Anchor

The steel channel anchor is then mounted onto your interior foundation wall to secure its position. At AquaGuard, we use the IntelliBrace™ Channel because of its anti-corrosion and anti-rust coating.

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Channel Anchors are Connected to Floor

Since the channel anchors go through the floor, they must be secured with a steel bracket and bolts to stabilize the anchor and avoid any bowing or buckling.

Fix Landscaping

Installing channel anchors can get messy, but we ensure that we’ll leave the project with your yard will look just as good as it did when we arrived. We will replace all landscaping that may have been disrupted during the project and fill in any sod or soil that was moved during the process.

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Adjust and Tighten Wall Anchors

A benefit to the IntelliBrace™ wall anchor system is that it allows for adjustments to be made if there needs to be any additional tightening in the future.

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