What Are Push Piers?

Push piers are used to stabilize and strengthen foundations that have settled over time due to soils with low load-bearing capacity. By transferring the weight of your home to more stable load-bearing soil below your home’s foundation, push piers are able to support your foundation and often lift the structure back to its original position.

The Supportworks™ Push Pier System permanently stabilizes foundations that are damaged by settlement. We provide free quotes for all foundation repairs and can customize a system that is ideal for your specific foundation and soil conditions.

Technical Features of the Supportworks Push Pier System:

  • Year-round installation
  • Life-of-structure transferable warranty
  • Galvanized steel design available
  • Below-grade solution not visible after installation
  • Piers reach greater depths than any other piering system
  • Provides an opportunity to lift the foundation back to its original position
  • Can be installed inside or outside of the foundation

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Why Choose AquaGuard for Push Pier Installation in Northern Georgia?

As with any family of products, there are good, better, and best solutions. When you’re talking about investing in your home’s structural stability, it’s a good idea to go with the best.

Along with their corrosion-resistant design that includes galvanized steel and a life-of-structure warranty, the Supportworks Push Pier System also includes a patent-pending external sleeve that strengthens the push pier directly below the foundation bracket, which is the most critical location for added structural support.

This external sleeve will strengthen the push pier and prevent the kinking, buckling, and rotation that is commonly seen with other push pier systems.

A Word of Warning to Keep in Mind When Looking for Push Pier Installation Services: 

Beware of contractors who tout the strength and capacity of their system’s bracket. The bracket is only one piece of the puzzle! Because push piers are installed adjacent to a foundation footing and not directly underneath, the weight instead bears directly down on the bracket, and the pressure is then transferred to the pier itself. Engineers call this effect eccentricity.

Because of this eccentricity, all pier systems see the greatest level of bending stress directly below the bottom of the bracket. Installing a steel sleeve on the pier directly below the bracket is a cost-effective way to effectively strengthen your entire pier system.

When To Use Foundation Push Piers

Because push piers are driven all the way to bedrock or a stable soil layer, they are often the least risky solution when local soil conditions are unknown. If your goals are as follows, then push piers are the option for you:

  • You need the best opportunity to lift your home back to its original position
  • You’d like minimal disturbance during installation
  • You’re looking for a fast, effective installation
  • Restoring your property value is a priority

However, if you’re installing foundation piers on lighter structures such as stoops or decks, a solution such as a helical pier will be more effective than a push pier. This is because the structure may not be heavy enough to drive the push piers to a sufficient depth to support your structure. 

Foundation Pier Application Chart

Removal and Replacement Concrete Underpinning Concrete Piers Helical Piers Push Piers
New Construction Of Home Or Addition
Can Be Installed From Home’s Interior
Installation Usually Completed In Less Than One Week
Lowest Risk When Local Soil Information Is Unknown
Stabilize Light Structures Such As Decks Or Stoops
Limited Disturbance To Lawn and Landscaping
Solution Extends Past Troubled Soils
Permanently Stabilize Foundation Without Maintenance
Ability To Lift Home Back To Level

The Push Pier Installation Process

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Preparing The Foundation Footing

For an outside installation, the soil around your foundation must be excavated so that the footing is exposed. For an inside installation, a section of your slab floor will need to be removed to expose the footing. The slab will be restored after the installation.

A section of the footing will be prepared for each foundation pier so that the pier is supporting the wall directly, and not simply lifting the section of the footing that extends beyond the walls. This makes for the strongest installation.

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Securing The Foundation Bracket

A steel bracket is secured to the foundation footing at each pier location. With push piers, the foundation bracket is installed before the piers are driven into the earth. This allows the push pier to take advantage of your home’s structure, stabilizing the pier as it is advanced deep below your foundation to competent soils. Each of our pier systems includes a 25-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, as well as our own in-house performance warranty.

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Installing Steel Piers

The hollow steel piers are installed in sections, or extensions, that are connected to each other. One at a time, each extension is driven down through the bracket until strong supporting soils or bedrock are reached. These steel piers are the strongest component of our foundation pier system, and are responsible for transferring the weight of your structure to competent load-bearing soil. Our foundation piers are available with a galvanized steel design. These piers are corrosion-resistant, for long-lasting durability.

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Stabilizing And Restoring The Foundation

Once all foundation piers have been installed, the settlement of your foundation will be permanently halted. At this time, our foundation contractors will determine if the foundation should remain at its stabilized location or be lifted back to its original position. Following this final stabilization, slabs are repaired and soil is replaced to totally hide the repair.

Certified Supportworks Push Pier Installers in Georgia

As Atlanta and North Georgia’s exclusive certified Supportworks dealer, we offer professional installations of push pier systems for structures that are experiencing damage from settlement or sinking, and each of our piering solutions are nationally-backed by lifetime transferable warranties.

We provide free, written push pier installation quotes. If you would like to schedule your free on-site inspection, professional consultation, and written system design, call or email us today!

Our service area includes Decatur, Athens, Atlanta, Marietta, Suwanee, Lilburn, Flowery Branch, Cumming, Dahlonega, Canton, Cartersville, Rome, Douglasville, Villa Rica, Smyrna, McDonough, Covington, Fayetteville, and anywhere in between.

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