Structural Home Foundation Repairs in Atlanta

Whether the structural integrity of your home is failing due to inadequate design or years of damage from shifting soils, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is here to help. We’ve provided the Atlanta area with structural repair solutions since 1995—making us the residential foundation repair contractor that Northern Georgia trusts. Let us restore your home’s foundation—call us today at (770) 415-2030 to get started with your complimentary foundation inspection and no-obligation repair quote. 

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Structural Repair Solutions

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions provides a variety of structural repair solutions for failing residential foundations, including solutions for basement wall cracks, wood rot, and crawl space damage. Whether you’re in need of helical piers to address unstable soil conditions or wall anchors for basement wall crack repair—we’ve got you covered. 

House Foundation Repair Products & Services

Push Piers:

Push piers are an excellent solution for repairing foundations of heavy buildings—such as two-story homes—that have been damaged by settlement. As low load-bearing soils give way to the weight of your foundation over time, you may notice signs of settlement such as basement wall cracks. Push piers serve as a structural repair solution, stabilizing your home by transferring its weight to stable, load-bearing soil or bedrock deep below your foundation.

Helical Piers:

Similar to push piers, helical piers transfer the weight of your home from unstable soils to deeper soils with greater load-bearing capacity. This structural repair solution is more versatile, being suitable for both light and heavy loads and applications that require angled piering. In addition, helical piers offer a faster process for house foundation repair than other structural repair solutions. 

Foundation Wall Crack Repair:

While basement and foundation wall crack repair may at first sound like a cosmetic fix, they’re often caused by unstable soils and damaged structural integrity. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we address the underlying structural issues of cracked foundation walls with a variety of wall repair, reinforcing, and anchoring systems. These include the IntelliBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System, Carbon Fiber™ Wall Reinforcing System, and Geo-Lock™ Foundation Wall Anchors.

IntelliJack® Support Posts:

Your foundation isn’t the only thing in your home at risk of structural inadequacy. Our IntelliJack® Support Posts are the structural repair solution for stabilizing sagging, damaged crawl space beams and floor joists. Structural beam repair with AquaGuard Foundation Solutions ensures your crawl space is permanently stabilized.

How Do I Know if My House Foundation Is Bad? 

Structural damage isn’t always easy to see, though that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. The longer you wait to seek appropriate structural repair for known foundation damage, the more expensive repairs will be when you finally choose to address the problem. House foundation repair from AquaGuard Foundation Solutions not only repairs existing damage but prevents further structural damage by addressing the problem at its source. The sooner you reach out to a foundation repair contractor, the closer you’ll be to permanent peace of mind. So, how do you know if your house needs foundation repair? We suggest looking for the following signs of structural damage.

Signs your home needs structural repairs: 

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Settlement Sinking

If you start to notice symptoms of settlement sinking around your home, this is a telltale sign that there may be issues with the structural integrity of your foundation.

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Bowing Walls

Bowing walls are a clear sign of foundation issues. They can either lean inward or show signs of bowing or bulging along the top, center, or bottom of the wall.

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Sticking Doors & Windows

If your doors or windows appear to be sticking and are difficult to open, this could be a sign of foundation settling. As the foundation settles, it puts more pressure on your doors and windows, causing them to stick.

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Wall Crack

Wall cracks, either internal or external, are one of the easiest symptoms to spot of foundation issues. If your foundation is settling, it can cause the walls to crack as it becomes less supportive to the weight of your home.

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Sagging Crawl Space

As your foundation settles, it becomes less supportive of the weight of your home. This can cause the floor joists in your crawl space to become weak and start to bow or sag, which causes it to sink.

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Uneven Floor

The severity of an uneven floor can vary, but if you start to notice any odd slopes or slants in your floors, this could be a sign of issues with foundation settlement.

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Collapsing Retaining Wall

Retaining wall failure around your home could be a sign of foundation settlement issues. Basement walls can also be considered retaining walls, so any structural issues with basement walls or other retaining walls around the home could be a sign of foundation failure.

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Floor Cracks

Floor cracks are one of the most obvious signs of foundation issues. If you start to notice any cracks in the floors of your basement, this is a clear sign of foundation settlement

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Tilting Chimney

Foundation failure could result in a leaning chimney, where the found underneath the chimney is no longer supportive, causing it to tilt or break away from your house.

Structural Damage and Your Crawl Space

Because it’s built directly underneath your home, your crawl space plays a key role in your home’s structural integrity. Crawl spaces bear this weight through the foundation walls and crawl space support columns. When these columns are damaged due to settlement or wood rot, they become unable to adequately support the floors above. Crawl space supports fail due to various reasons, including inadequate structural design, settlement, and foundation failure—no matter the cause of your crawl space damage, AquaGuard Foundation Solutions has a solution to permanently restore the structural integrity of your home. 

sagging crawl space wooden ceiling

If you look carefully at this picture, you’ll notice that the wood of the floor joist is beginning to show signs of severe damage due to failing crawl space supports. As these supports begin to give way, the floors above can sag and interior walls may crack, resulting in expensive problems in your home.

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Structural Repairs FAQs

What constitutes a structural foundation repair?

Structural damage is any type of damage that compromises the core integrity of your home, including your foundation and load-bearing walls. Cosmetic issues, such as basement wall cracks, can serve as indicators of underlying structural damage. When choosing a foundation repair company, it’s important to ensure that your home is getting the structural repairs it needs—not just cosmetic bandaids like filling in and covering up wall cracks. At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions, we’re committed to addressing the root cause of any structural issues your home may have, ensuring your foundation—and your peace of mind—are restored for years to come.

How much does a house foundation repair cost?

The cost of repairing your home’s foundation will depend on the type and severity of structural damage. Our foundation repair solutions vary in cost, however, we do offer complimentary, no-obligation foundation repair cost estimates. Call today to get started!