Shifting soils underground can cause many issues with your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure comes from water seeping in through the soils and creating pressure against the walls of your foundation. If your foundation has cracks, water will find its way through and can flood your basement or cause foundation wall failure to occur.

Excess rainfall causes the soils around your home to be saturated and leaves the water with nowhere to go, which causes this pressure against your foundation walls.

Hydrostatic pressure can also push the water through any openings near basement windows, block walls, or the wall-floor joint where the wall and floor meet.

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Relieve Hydrostatic Pressure, Don’t Fight It

The best way to solve this issue is to find a way to relieve the pressure. Fighting against the pressure is often a worthless attempt. The pressure buildup can be so strong that the best way to fix the issue is to find other ways to channel the water away from your foundation to relieve the pressure.

So, how do you relieve hydrostatic pressure? In addition to a potential perimeter drainage system, if water is seeping through horizontal wall cracks and penetrating your basement or crawl space, you can permanently stabilize walls cracked from hydrostatic pressure with one of AquaGuard’s three patented wall systems: IntelliBrace™, PolyRenewal™ Wall Anchors, or Carbon Fiber.

The specific system installed will depend upon the specific construction of your foundation walls and the specific problem occurring, but each of AquaGuard’s patented wall systems is engineer designed and tested to ensure your cracked, bowing, or buckling foundation walls are permanently stabilized and your home protected from future hydrostatic pressure damage.

Intellibrace basement wall repair


wall anchor product shot

PolyRenewal™ Wall Anchors

Crew installing carbon fiber

PolyRenewal™ Carbon Fiber

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