A high humidity readout of a crawl space foundation where the humidity readout is reading 61.4

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A backyard with marked territory that a technician has marked with white spray paint so they know where to install a drain leading water away from the residential foundation through a sump pump.

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A sump pump hole where an old stump pump was but there is now standing water due to the sump pump no longer working with tubes and wires covered in water.

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A non-visible area to the naked eye where water is entering the foundation crawl space construct between two foundation cement walls.

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A foundation of a crawl space that has clear standing water and discolored water as the tile of the foundation does not look stable and water is resting in a corner of the crawl space

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A small carved area of the foundation of a crawl space where a sump pump is being installed with the proper tubing and wiring to lead water away from the foundation next to a heater unit.

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