Another part of AquaGuard's drainage system.

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Four days of installation is a small price to pay for all of the benefits this home will now receive from this clean space!

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AquaGuard will even wrap your crawlspace columns with CleanSpace to maximize its affect.

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Four days of installation is a small price to pay for all of the benefits this home will now receive from this clean space!

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AquaGuard left this crawlspace clean and usable!

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Here is an example of IceGuard. It attaches to the exterior drain pipe lines to remove water from the crawlspace.

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AquaGuard can detect how damp the wood in your crawlspace is. When wood dampens, it becomes weak. This weak wood will eventually no longer hold up the floor to your home.

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Plastic floor coverings are not protecting your crawlspace at all!

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No crawlspace is too small to be encapsulated!

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Although this home's crawlspace was trying to stay dry by removing some of the water that entered, it was not doing such a great job.

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This space is extremely dirty and the drainage system pictured is probably not the most efficient when it comes to removing the unwanted water from this crawlspace.

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CleanSpace vapor barrier is the best product to use in your crawlspace.

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Crawlspace can and should be much cleaner than this. It is better for your entire home to have an energy efficient, encapsulated crawlspace.

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We are very detailed when it comes to encapsulation. We want to make sure that even the tiniest of cracks are sealed so absolutely no water will enter your crawlspace!

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AquaGuard's drainage systems not only move the water out of the home, but also away from the home so reentry does not occur.

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AquaGuard ensures that all pipe line and other drainage systems actually remove the water from the crawlspace.

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This sump pump will automatically remove all water captured out of the crawlspace. No more having to empty it yourself!

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CleanSpace can be wrapped around your pipe line to ensure that no water will ever enter the crawlspace. It will be drained out immediately.

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This does not look like an ideal crawlspace. It is not properly encapsulated.

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Again, the wood in your crawlspace should not be damp. Damp wood is the perfect environment for mold and rot to grow.

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Here is what part of AquaGuard's drainage system, EZ Flow, looks like.

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Your crawlspace should not be moist or dirty.

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Here is the floor of the crawlspace covered with drain matting before CleanSpace was applied. Read more about what drain matting does here.

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This system ensures that water will be drained properly.

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Although this crawlspace is larger than usual, AquaGuard still covered the entire ground with matting.

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Your crawlspace should NOT look like this because it's most likely humid, damp and affecting the building's air quality.

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AquaGuard's installation crews make sure that CleanSpace is applied to all appropriate spaces, even if they are hard to get to.

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In the top of this photo there is wood rot on the wood beam. This is a result of a high moisture level causing the wood to become damp in the crawl space.

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Wide view of crawlspace installed on the walls in white.

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Matting and a new drainage system were desperately needed in this crawlspace.

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AquaGuard replaced this crawlspace's old sump pump as part of the new drainage system installed.

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A snap shot during the encapsulation process.

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New matting was applied to the floors of this crawlspace.

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CleanSpace is very beneficial for your entire crawlspace - not just for the floors. You can see it applied here to the crawl space walls in white.

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Even the smallest of cracks can affect the efficiency of your crawlspace.

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Dangling wires are extremely unsafe - no matter where they are in your home.

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This crawlspace was extremely dirty and unusable.

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Before AquaGuard transformed this dirty crawlspace.

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Part of drainage system was installed.

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This crawlspace had continual issues when it came to incoming water.

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CleanSpace was applied throughout the crawlspace.

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