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A featured image of a wall with many splits in the wall leaving gaping areas due to the walls pulling away from one another.

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A featured image of a cracking wall above a door-jam and the crack is very large and in definite need of being fixed.

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A depiction of what appears to be an uneven floor as the leveler tool is focused at a 90degreee angle and everything else inside the foundation is tiled.

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A depiction of what appears to be a door-jam and floor not meeting in-between as there is a large gap between the carpet and door-jam

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A featured image of a floor being separated in the corner as the left half does not meet the floor; however, the right half actually does. Foundation problem.

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A featured image of a wall being higher than the foundation as a gap has been created probably because the floor is sinking slowly but surely.

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A featured image of a ceiling that is being pulled down and needs foundation assistance.

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Album Description

Signs of slab settlement

Foundation settlement is an issue that can start off as a small problem and eventually serve as the catalyst for several larger issues in your home. For instance, when a home experiences settlement, signs both inside and outside the home will often emerge that can soon manifest in many ways. Signs of foundation settlement in Georgia are cracks in your foundation floor, dropping floors and separating walls, gaps between floors and walls, walls pulling down and separating from the adjacent surfaces, and, most noticeably, vertical or stairstep wall cracks along exterior/interior of your home.

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