A foundation wall inside a basement that is clearly leaning inside from the top with a gap between the lean in and the rest of the wall where you can actually see the structure of the home.

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a crawl space that is properly insulated as well as jack posts holding up a support beam below for additional support.

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A crawl space with a support cylinder block that has a large gap between one another appearing as though the foundation will soon fall.

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A info-graphic of a residential home and beneath the home is the foundation structure with studs holding the walls and keeping the structure even.

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The outside of a residential home that appears to have serious foundation wall cracks that lead from the top right of the home all the way to the bottom left as the bricks have very large gaps where the crack is.

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A Push Pier structured against the side of a foundation for a home as there are multiple cracks against the side of the home and a huge gap inside the concrete.

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Wall anchors being placed on a foundation in order to support leaning walls the bricks actually appear to be slanting inside the home.

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