Just like any other crack, ones around door frames can also be fixed.

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Cracks below, above, and around windows or doors can be fixed!

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This basement appears to have a lot of problems with its foundation, causing two cracks to creep down its wall.

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Cracking in stone is not uncommon either and the root of the problem can be fixed.

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This crack began as being vertical, but changed direction when it reached the ceiling. AquaGuard can solve both horizontal and vertical cracks.

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No matter what the crack looks like, foundation problems can always be solved. Even if they look like this!

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Cracks anywhere in the home should not be ignored, even if they are found in the garage.

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This is not what your crawl space should look like.

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This door jam and wall is beginning to sink due to the poor support in the crawl space of this home.

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Separation can also occur between the citer blocks of the basement walls. These problems are just as severe as with a normal dry walled basement.

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Not only does poor foundation affect the first floor of the house, but sometimes even starts at the basement level.

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Foundations problems arise both in the home and on the outside. One way to know that you have a foundation problem is if you see your bricks cracking or separating.

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