A crawl space that has been fixed as proper insulation has been installed and the walls are no longer vulnerable to humidity and mold damages.

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A crawl space that is currently being repaired as proper irrigation methods are in place along with tools, equipment, and tubing to ensure the problem is resolved properly.

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A residential crawl space that has serious humidity and mold damage due to water seeping into the crawl space as there is a ton of black mold and water damage.

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A crawl space that has serious damage due to water seepage as there is a huge gap between the foundation of the residential floor and wall.

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A crawl space that has been properly insulated with the Aquaguard insulation material as it is no longer vulnerable to humidity and mold.

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A meter measuring the humidity inside a crawl space with abnormal readings.

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A crawl space that has serious water damage as there is water on the ground some green mold and water damage on the residential structure wall of the crawl space.

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A crawl space that appears to have water damage as the foundation looks moldy and water is covering the structure floor.

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A drainage problem that resulted in a new irrigation system being installed as a tube leads from outside the residential home to remove any excess water that could enter the foundation

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A Crawl Space problem in which water damage is prevalent in a residential crawl space

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A crawl space that had a serious drainage problem, but now a sealant has been placed covering any vulnerable entry spots where water could possibly seep through.

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A useful tool that measures the humidity inside an area with an abnormal reading.

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A Crawl Space that needs serious repair due to the fact that there is moisture and humidity in the basement as well as mold against the foundation.

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Tons of tubing sporadically placed about the area of the crawl space with no arrangement some lead to nowhere, in serious need of repair.

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A crawl space being properly repaired with the correct insulation material.

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A Crawl space being properly fixed with the right insulation across the surface area of the foundation wall.

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A crawl space being fixed with proper insulation and insulation methods as well as outlets coming out from the insulation.

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Water damage due to a drainage problem as wood in the crawl space is now moldy.

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A crawl space with a drainage problem as you can see water has damaged the foundation there is wet and mildew items spread against the foundation.

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