A crawl space is being featured but the floor is coated with black mold and there is an irrigation pipe leading from inside the crawl space to the outer area of the crawl space.

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A crawl space support beam is being featured with black and white mold coating the outside as well as it not being flush with the other support beams.

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This is a support beam that is uneven with the rest as if it is sagging along with white mold coating the outside.

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A crawl space is being featured where the insulation was not installed properly as well as insulation hanging off the ceiling and minor water damage has taken place.

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A crawl space is being featured; however, there is a lot of mold and water damage to the ceiling where water has been seeping in.

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A Crawl space is being featured with proper insulation and an installed irrigation system below the insulation.

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A crawl space that has a gigantic hole where the foundation floor meets the structure wall as well as serious mold damage.

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The roof of the crawl space is currently sagging as a support beam is lower than the rest of the ceiling as well as hanging insulation.

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