Aqua Guard Foundation Solutions

Here is more evidence of water penetrating the block wall. With an encapsulation system that is installed on the walls and floor of the crawl space, this moisture will be encapsulated. A crawl space dehumidifier and sump pump will ensure that the water and moisture are diverted, ensuring a dry useable space!

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Aqua Guard Foundation Solutions

These dried up puddles show additional evidence of water seeping under the walls. During heavy rains the water found the easiest route into the crawl space (the lowest point in the home). When this crawl space is encapsulated, the wet floor will be isolated from the rest of the house.

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Aqua Guard Foundation Solutions

Efflorescence on the wall (the white flaky stuff) is strong evidence of water entering the crawl space through the walls. This strong evidence is reason enough to encapsulate the spaces!

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Aqua Guard Foundation Solutions

Water will seep in through the block wall. This will affect the moisture levels in the space and cause organic surfaces such as the floor joists above to rot, or grow mold. Any insulation in the floor joists will be comprised as well.

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