This house is exceptionally off balance. Not only was there a huge stair crack coming off of the top of the door, but there is a growing gap forming between the door and the cement driveway.

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This crack originated from a door. These are very common signs that you have a foundation problem.

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Vertical cracks in garages are not uncommon, but should still be looked at. You never know how a foundation settlement issue will affect the rest of your home.

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This brick divider is almost severed into two pieces. This is extremely unstable and should be addressed immediately!

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This floor is bowing due to a foundation problem. The movement of this floor is created a gap in-between the floor and the door jam.

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This entire brick wall is separating into two. This is very unstable and unsafe.

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This huge horizontal crack lines the base of this home. This is very extreme and the source of this problem should be taken care of immediately.

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The molding of this home is pulling apart. Although there is not a physical crack yet, this does indicate some sort of settlement issue.

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Whether or not they are in bricks, foundation settlement cracks usually originate on the corners of garages, doors, and windows.

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This crack is between the stone on the outside of this home. Cracks usually will begin between stones, bricks, or cement blocks.

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This crack is between the stone block lining on this home. Cracks usually will begin between stones, bricks, or cement blocks.

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Here is a close up of the previous photo. This crack is extremely large. These types of cracks are common and should be addressed immediately.

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Horizontal brick cracks are just as common as vertical ones.

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This entire block well is begin to bow. Bowing walls are a definite sign that you have a foundation settlement issue.

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Brick walls show settlement issues very well. The bricks will begin to pull apart until they break.

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These are extremely large vertical cracks. Again, if your basement has cracks, be sure to check out the rest of your home as well.

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This is a inside vertical wall crack. Indoor cracks usually appear around windows or doors.

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Concrete blocks will crack due to settlement issues. Be careful if you see these in your basement. Odds are, if you are having issues in your basement, the rest of your house might also be experiencing the same problems.

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The bricks of this home are pulling apart due to a settlement problem.

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This is an example of an outside foundation settlement crack. The base of this home is uneven (due to one side settling) which is causing the crack.

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