As bad as an uneven walkway can look, dried, bubbling, or loose joint sealant can be just as unsightly and is the culprit of that uneven walkway. The sealant should have kept water out of the cracks but when it makes it through the soil washes away, causing sinking. Luckily, there is now a better solution than a traditional urethane sealant that doesn't last long.

The Benefits of NexusPro Joint Sealant

NexusPro is an exciting new product created to seal the joints in concrete in both commercial and domestic spaces. This is a silicone-based joint sealant that can be installed year-round, even in extreme temperatures. Year-round installation is possible because of the silicone base, which not only makes it pliable and easy to work with but also keeps a consistent viscosity in all temperatures. There are many other benefits over to choosing NexusPro versus other polyurethane-based joint sealants:

  • Less likely to crack or debond
  • 50% more flexible than polyurethane
  • Little downtime, cures in 60 minutes vs. 24-72 hours for polyurethane
  • Resistant to UV rays - no drying, bubbling, or cracking
  • long-lasting and durable


  1. First, the cracks are drilled and smoothed
  2. The crack is prepped with a backing rod
  3. Then the NexusPro joint sealant is inserted
  4. Last, is the detail and finish, blend the sealed crack into its surroundings

No Water Infiltration

The goal of concrete sealant is to keep water from soaking through the concrete's joints and slowly eroding away the soil underneath. So, if you just so happen to be getting your concrete slab leveled with PolyLevel, NexusPro is an excellent choice to seal the joints at the same time and know that your slab is both stable and water resistant. As well as preventing sinking or overlapping, keeping water out means no unsightly and annoying weeds growing between the cracks.

Compression Guards

This product is created to alleviate the pressure of slabs pushing against each other, keeping them in their original positions. Slabs pushing up on each other will often cause the bigger problem of uneven slabs, particularly in climates with wild weather because concrete will expand and contract. These guards come in sections 4 in x 4 in, so many can be installed to create a guard of any length needed. This ability to easily expand the length makes the product especially great for large commercial areas.

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