Why do we do all that we do? Because we care.

Our Core Purpose: Redefine an Industry

Why We Respect Employees

Everybody starts a business to make money, but not everybody creates a business to make money for their employees. At the heart of AquaGuard is, well, a heart. We want to redefine the industry by caring for our employees and treating them how they deserve to be treated. Plenty of company executives out there go to sleep at night knowing their employees overwork themselves to make mere peanuts, perhaps not enough to support their family, and that's just fine with them. We disagree, without the excitement, kindness, work ethic, and respect that we give to every one of our employees, we could never ask for the same from them.

Why We Use Only Quality Materials

In an industry where doing the bare minimum is what customers have come to accept, we want to flip that upside down. We want homeowners to say "wow," both because of our professional service and at the quality of products we use -- they're made to last. Customers who go through us will have the most peaceful sleep knowing they are protected for life.

Why We Care About Our Community

Getting involved in your community is obviously good for business - it’s word of mouth advertising - but we are interested in serving our community, not the other way around. We believe that by helping those in need within the respective communities we serve, we are able to build closer relationships with our customers. As a business constructed of fellow, feeling humans, we recognize that everyone has a story - some just need a push to have it rekindled.

Ultimately, our goal is to improve the lives of the employees, communities, and customers we serve. If each life we touch can be positively impacted by our efforts - even if that impact is small - we've done our job. If employees can feel valued in their career, community members can gain the help they need to improve their living situation, and customers can have peace of mind in knowing they no longer need to worry about the health of their home or family, we've done our job. So why do we do what we do? It's simple. We do it for the ones we serve.

A Foundation Repair Company That Genuinely Cares

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