Marietta, GA 

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions received their twelfth consecutive Consumers' Choice Award during a ceremony held on November 14 in Atlanta.

Owner Tom DiGregorio and other members of the AquaGuard team accept their 12th Consumers' Choice Award.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions was honored to accept a Consumers’ Choice Award at a reception held on November 14 at the Grand Atrium in Atlanta, Georgia. This year marked the twelfth consecutive year that the company received the award.

AquaGuard Foundation Solutions is a foundation repair company based out of Marietta, Georgia servicing the Metro Atlanta area. They specialize in fixing foundation settling, bowing foundation walls, sagging floors, and wet, moldy basements and crawl spaces. Owner Tom DiGregorio founded the company in 1995 as primarily a basement waterproofing company and revamped its services to fit customers’ needs. This basis in customer service has expanded as the company has aged and the Consumers’ Choice Award exemplifies its dedication to its customers. Tom says, “We are glad that our customers continue to trust us to provide real understanding of their problems, honest advice, and timely service!”

The Consumers’ Choice Award is given out for business excellence. The award is presented by a website of the same name whose mission is to connect consumers with high-quality, professional businesses. Customers themselves log on to the website and nominate their favorite companies.