Rain in the Forecast Could Mean a Wet Basement

Some people dread rain in the forecast more than others because they know that their basement or crawlspace is going to leak again. Once water finds a path into your basement it will happen again. You might patch one crack and then another further down the same wall will leak. Water in your crawl space isn't just a pain, it can cause mold and that musty smell that can even make some feel sick because of allergies.

Until you address the water with a permanent solution it will come back. Nobody wants to spend time cleaning up a water mess over and over again!

AquaGuard offers life of the structure warranties in most cases to fix that leaky basement or crawl forever. Give us a call to set up your free estimate and learn more about our basement waterproofing life of the structure warranties and our crawlspace life of structure warranties. Whether your home is in Peachtree City , Dallas , Jefferson , Winder or Griffin we can help!

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