Have you recently noticed that your first level floors are sinking or sagging? This means that there is a problem underneath the floors, in your home's crawl space, and an early indication that your crawl space has some serious structural problems. Keep reading to learn more about how you can stabilize your crawl space's failing joists.

Signs and Solutions for Sagging Floors

Sagging Floor Symptoms and Causes

More often than not, uneven floors are caused by a settling or shifting foundation issue that has impacted your floor system. Floor beams and joists are made from wood which tends to bend and flex under weight instead of cracking or breaking. However, if your home has a masonry foundation, soil issues are what usually cause a foundation to break and the floors above to bend.

Symptoms of a sagging crawl space include:

  • interior wall cracks;
  • jamming doors;
  • gaps between walls or doors and the floor underneath them.

The three primary reasons that crawl spaces experience structural sagging are:

  • when support columns are spaced too far apart;
  • rot-weakened joists, girders, or posts;
  • or there is column settling due to weak soil or poor footings.

Floors Joists Above Crawl Spaces

The floor joists above a typical crawl space are supported by the perimeter walls of the crawl space foundation and by a post or column-and-beam framework. The perimeter walls of a crawl space can settle and shift, causing floor problems but it’s more common for the column-and-beam center support system to settle or sag because it wasn’t built correctly. The center post-and-beam support system can also weaken and settle because moisture in a crawl space that has a dirt floor causes wood supports to rot and collapse.

SmartJack Crawl Space Stabilizer

Fix sinking and sagging crawl spaces with SmartJack Crawl Space Stabilization System. SmartJack is a uniquely designed product that uses steel supports to stabilize and level girders and floor joists that are failing to hold your crawl space up properly. This heavy-duty system has been laboratory tested to support loads of over 60,000 lbs, making it the ideal system to stabilize any home's sagging and sinking floors. SmartJack combats poor supporting soil issues as well. Each crawl space jack distributes the weight of the home through a precast concrete footing and a base of engineered fill material.

Other Benefits of SmartJack:

  • it can be installed in tight or small access crawl spaces;
  • in most cases it is installed within one day;
  • these support posts are adjustable so, as your joists straighten they stay firmly stable;
  • they are created with galvanized steel which means a lifetime resistance to corrosion and the best stability available.

At AquaGuard Foundation Solutions we are committed to making the extraordinary, ordinary. We only use the best, most innovative products available, which is why we recommend SmartJack.

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