You may already know that your home has foundation problems like stair step or vertical cracking or bowing and tipping inwards. Maybe you don't know that they are very serious issues needing immediate correction. Carbon fiber basement wall repair solutions can help reinforce your bowing walls and repair cracks. This might not always be the best solution but, with an inspection, an expert will be able to decide how much damage your foundation has and what it will take to repair it for life.

CarbonArmor Reinforcement

CarbonArmor Wall Reinforcing System, developed by Foundation Supportworks, uses stronger-than-steel materials to repair foundation walls. It is a state-of-the-art solution to fixing cracked and bowing foundation walls by reinforcing and stabilizing basement walls. CarbonArmor utilizes the same technology that keeps us safe every day -- it's used by the U.S. Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and aerospace engineers to reinforce bomb shelters, skyscrapers, and bridges.

CarbonArmor is made from a fiber-reinforced polymer that is 10 times stronger than steel, yet it is incredibly thin. It requires no exterior digging, installs in less than one day, and a coat of paint can easily hide the reinforcing system; no one will ever be the wiser. This product is specifically designed to reinforce and stabilize basement walls by using a high-strength epoxy resin that absorbs pressure from the wall. 

Tilting Walls

Foundation walls tilt forward because of soil pressure. To properly correct a tilting wall, it needs to be reinforced after it's straightened. This is where the ArmorLock system can combine with the Carbon Armor to make an exceptionally strong wall. ArmorLock uses a super-strong carbon fiber strap, fuses it to each ArmorLock strip, and anchors them to heavy-duty steel brackets that lag-screw to the rim joist. Locking the foundation wall to the rim joist will prevent soil pressure from pushing the top of the wall inward, away from this perimeter framing. The ArmorLock system takes up very little space, so there’s seldom need to relocate ductwork and other basement equipment.

Wall Stitching

Wall cracks are repaired using polyurethane injection, epoxy, or patching mortar to fill and seal it in. Once fixed, the wall may still need stabilizing or you may simply want a little more peace of mind. Either way, a technician will lay strips of CarbonArmor across the cracked area to add superior stability and durability.

Even if you aren't sure whether or not your foundation problem needs extra reinforcement or if a simple repair will be sufficient, it doesn't hurt to schedule an inspection and get an estimate before making your decision. One thing you don't want to do is wait until the problem worsens and you need a lot more than a wall crack repaired.

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